hoog in de lucht, stevig op de grond

Overstraat 3 - 5
3959 BR Amerongen
The Netherlands

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Welcome at Schworks

We design,
produce and
distribute art works

This general concept is realized into a wide variety of things.
Workshops, works of art like statues, paintings and manifestations, poems, books and photographs.

We started our independent business in 1980 in this old sigar factory and shop in the beautiful village of Amerongen, one hour drive from Schiphol Airport.

frontside of our home

Sometimes our products are complex and the result of a long process, like a book or a manifestation.
Sometimes it is a intuitive quick drawing.
Sometimes we organize thousands of the same product, sometimes it is only one unique thing.

Books, this site and articles are in Dutch, because we are born and live in the Netherlands.
We have chosen for an easy operation, small business, short lines, and human scale connected with the earth.
Katri Schweitzer-Kranenburg
Roeland Schweitzer